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Access for All

Housing Company Gives Donation for Inclusive Equipment

We are excited to share that during the ‘Lockdown’ period, back in April, we were the lucky winners of a ‘Persimmon Homes: Building Futures’ scheme. We received a whopping £1000 grant towards buying new inclusive equipment for the Centre. This will open up many more opportunities for children visiting us with additional needs, allowing them to take part in more activities when they arrive their group for a day or residential course.

Read the official Press Release below:

Just ‘Frogging’ Around

The ‘Fire Pond’ in our grounds is a historical relic kept from the times when the house did not have access to running water! This was the source from which water could be drawn from in case of any fires. Nowadays, our instructing staff use the pond to take groups for team building and problem solving activities during their visits to us.

Recently we had sprung a leak and was in desperate need of repair. To our surprise, when our development staff began this work, they discovered the pond was full of frogs. They had no means of escaping as the walls were too steep on the sides of the pond.

This had us thinking – what could we do to help move this wildlife on to a safer area of our surrounding nature?

One of our fabulous instructors, Phil, has put his handy man skills to the test and created a frog ladder to allow them to leave the pond safely. Below is a fantastic video captured by the instructors of the frogs using the ladder and leaving the pond!

During this week, the repairs have been completed which has involved digging out the grass and debris from the bottom, the pointing up of brick work to make water tight again and the re-filling of the pond.
It has been decided that due to the amount of amazing wildlife White Hall grounds attracts, the frog ladder will remain in situ to allow the wildlife to return and have access to the pond.

Team member’s innovation recognised by LOtC

Learning Outside the Classroom heroes honoured at national LOtC Awards 2018

Four leading practitioners in the world of learning outside the classroom (LOtC) have been recognised as ‘LOtC Heroes’ including Dan Riley, a programme leader here at White Hall Outdoor Education Centre. Dan was presented with the ‘LOtC Innovator Award’ sponsored by YHA and had this to say:

“Receiving the Award has had an immediate impact on STEM Adventure. It has raised its profile both within Derbyshire and Nationwide. Ultimately it will mean that more people will be able to experience STEM Adventure both at our Derbyshire Centres and further afield. We are excited to be engaged in a conversation with CLOtC about how they can facilitate sharing our vision with others.” 

The Awards for Outstanding Contribution to LOtC, honour individuals and teams of people who have made a significant impact on the lives of children and young people through their commitment and dedication to providing and/or championing exciting and inspiring learning outside the classroom opportunities. Taking learning beyond the classrooms walls – whether it is through forest schools, visits to museums, farms or activity centres or just using the school grounds or local parks – helps children to flourish and reach their potential. It makes learning relevant, breaks down barriers and builds confidence as well as engaging young people with their learning. 

Kim Somerville, Chief Executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom said:

“We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to experience life and lessons beyond the classroom walls as a regular part of growing up. It is clear that this year’s winners and nominees are making great strides forward to make this happen. We congratulate all the inspiring winners and shortlisted LOtC Heroes, who are helping to expand the horizons of young people.”

About the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom was launched in April 2009 and is the leading voice on learning outside the classroom issues. The Council champions learning outside the classroom and encourages young people to get out and about because research shows that children learn best through real world experiences. We want every child to have the opportunity to experience life and lessons beyond the classroom walls as a regular part of growing up.