We ask all of the groups who visit us to give us feedback on their trip. This ensures that we know what we’re doing well, and if anything needs improving. We ask for feedback from the group leaders and also from the children directly too.

Here’s what they have to say:

“I would definitely come again it was probably one of the best things I have ever experienced I don’t think there was anything wrong so there’s nothing you can really do better it was perfect I loved it so much thank you for letting us all come”

“I would love to come back again for all of it and especially the caving and learning about nature.”


What would you say to someone who was planning a trip to White Hall?

Did you try any healthy food while you were at White Hall?

What impact do you believe your visit to White Hall will have on your students? 

Since your White Hall trip, do you think you have more or less of the following?

“Children became more confident throughout the week, challenging themselves to face their fears and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Started to appreciate the beautiful of the National Park and the activities that the countryside can offer.”

“Our visit to White Hall will have had an enormous impact on our children in all of the ways above. Many of our children don’t have the opportunity to travel far from home and their experience in the Peak District provides them with lasting memories for years to come. Knowing that they are capable of achieving things they didn’t think possible is a massive self-esteem boost that we make reference to back at school to connect to other areas of learning. We have parents who visited White Hall or a similar residential when they were the same age, and they share their positive experiences still. Not just the adventurous activity but also making beds, serving food, wiping tables, getting freezing cold then warming up again, adds to their experience.”