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White Hall Centre SEN Policy

The White Hall Centre SEN Policy ensures inclusive and accessible programs for all young people. This policy outlines several measures that the centre takes to ensure that individuals with SEN are catered for and that their needs are met appropriately.

Reasonable adjustments

Provision of reasonable adjustments to ensure inclusivity for all participants in all White Hall programs. This includes access to all programmed activities, consideration of dietary requirements, and the availability of accessible bedrooms and bathrooms. The centre also tries to be flexible wherever possible to meet individual needs and uses specialist equipment and appropriate venues as necessary.

Consideration of individual needs

Consideration of the needs of the individual as well as the group when planning and delivering programs. The centre collects relevant and appropriate information to aid in the delivery of activities and acts on the information collected, ensuring that all staff are aware of and understand individual needs. The centre is also understanding of the needs of the individual and of how this affects group dynamics.

Effective Communication

White Hall Centre is open and encouraging of communication with schools, parents, and carers of children with SEN. The centre ensures that schools send all relevant information regarding the specific needs of each child and that schools are aware that there is a safeguarding policy and lead in place. The centre encourages children with SEN to come for a pre-course visit with their parents to meet their instructors and look around. There is also designated equipment that can be taken home by parents following a pre-course visit, so that the child can familiarise themselves with equipment before their residential. The centre aims to develop feelings of reassurance for parents that their child will be correctly and appropriately taken care of.

Useful Online Materials

Access to online materials via the centre’s website to aid parents, young people, and schools in their understanding of the centre. The centre provides social stories for each activity, an interactive walk-through of the centre using photos and videos, YouTube videos showing important areas and aspects of the centre, and testimonials from previous visitors and their parents.

Comprehensive Feedback System

The centre encourages post-course communication with parents and schools, which may help to better care for young people with SEN in the future. The centre also collects and acts on feedback, ensuring fluidity to its SEN policy.

Well Trained Staff

Appropriate and continuous training for staff working with young people with SEN. The centre ensures that its staff are trained to work with young people with SEN and that they receive regular training updates.

Additional Staffing

The provision of two instructors where possible/appropriate/necessary for groups containing individuals with SEN. The centre encourages schools to provide an extra staff member for groups where there is an individual with SEN.

For more information contact our SEN lead Ella, via email or call 01298 23260

or email the centre at

Download the links below to take a look at our social stories. These have been created to give children and young people an idea of the activities they will be taking part in during their time at White Hall.