At White Hall, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone is able to access our activities, regardless of special educational needs or disability. We pride ourselves on having experienced, caring and compassionate staff who will go out of their way to ensure an inclusive experience for everyone in the group.

We have many ways in which we can physically adapt sessions, and we also have many prompts and communication aids that will help individuals to function independently while around the centre.

We have developed a range of Social Stories which have been designed in order to give our guests an opportunity to understand what the activities might involve before they arrive, including a description of the sensory experiences associated with the activities (the need to wear a harness that may feel tight, bright torch lights in a cave etc.). These have proven to be particularly useful for visitors with autism or who experience anxiety.

You’re welcome to arrange a pre-visit for someone who may benefit from having a look around the centre and meeting some instructors before their group visit. We can show you the bedrooms, some of the onsite activities, the equipment they might need to wear, and the dining room. Please get in touch if you think this will be a benefit to you.

SEND Holiday Courses

At the centre, we run holiday courses throughout the school holidays. As part of these courses, we run holiday groups specifically for children with SEND. This means that we can put extra effort into ensuring that all of the right adjustments are in place so that everyone gets the most from their time at our centre. Alongside the children-only SEND days, we also run family SEND days, so parents and other family members can also join in the fun!

Find out more about our courses here.

White Hall Centre SEND policy