What should I expect when I get to White Hall?
When you get to White Hall you will pass through our lovely grounds and you might spot some of our ropes courses and zip wires. You’ll come into the house and be made to feel very welcome and have a chance to settle in before we start doing the exciting activities.

Your stay here will be packed full of adventurous  activities – all we ask is that you try your hardest, help each other and have lots of fun.

What if I miss home?
For lots of children and young people, this is their first time away from home and we understand that staying in a new place can be a bit of a challenge.

Please don’t worry! Your teachers or group leaders and your lovely White Hall instructors will be on hand if you miss home a bit, and before you know it you’ll be enjoying activities again!

What’s the food like?

The food at White Hall is delicious; whether it’s the breakfasts, lunches or evening meals. Have a look at our sample menus.

What are the bedrooms like?
Your bedrooms are warm and comfortable and you’ll be sharing with your friends.  They are called dormitories and you’ll sleep in bunk beds. We’ll give you some time to make your bed (if you have a chance practise this at home!) and unpack your things.

Will I be able to share a dormitory with friends?
If you coming to White Hall as part of a school group, your teachers will be sorting out dormitory and activity groups. If you come to White Hall on a holiday course with a friend we will always make sure you can share with them.

What should I pack?
We have made a kit list for you to have so you don’t forget anything important. Have a look at our kit list.

For parents

What is the accommodation like?
Accommodation is warm, comfortable and clean. The children and young people sleep in dormitory style bedrooms with bunk beds.  All the dormitories are located in the main house.

There are separate sleeping areas and bathrooms for boys and girls, with separate stairs to access them.

Bed linen is provided – we’ll be asking the children to make their beds (all part of being more independent) – but they will need to bring their own towel.

Will my child be able to share a dormitory with their friend?
If your child is coming to White Hall as part of a school group the teachers will be sorting out the dormitory and activity groups. If your child is here on a holiday course with a friend we will always to make sure they are sharing with them.

Will my child be able to call home during their stay?
We don’t encourage phone calls home as this can make children homesick.  If your child is on a visit with their school this is something we leave up to the discretion of the teachers. There is a payphone for use if needed.

The teachers with the group or staff at White Hall will contact you if necessary for any medical or behavioural issues.

How can I contact my child while they’re at White Hall?
We don’t encourage parents to contact their child while they are staying at White Hall, unless it is an emergency.

If you do need to contact your child due to an emergency please call 01298 23260 between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00

DUTY phone number at any other time.  PUT PHONE NO IN

Are your staff first aid trained?
Yes. All our instructors complete a two day first aid course every three years.

What should parents do about medical conditions and illnesses?
When completing the consent form please give as much information as possible about any medical conditions, illnesses or medication that your child has.

If your child feels ill whilst at White Hall we will contact you to discuss the situation. After discussion with you and depending on the seriousness we will encourage them to stay, arrange for them to come home or get professional medical care.

Do you cater for special diets?
Our in-house catering team is able to cater for all diets. Please note, Halal diets will be offered the vegetarian option.

Please let us know on the consent form if your child has any allergies or special diets so we can prepare properly for their visit. If your child has serious allergies or special diets one of the catering team will contact you to discuss their needs.

Should my child take pocket money with them?
We have a small tuck shop with some sweets, drinks and souvenirs. We recommend sending your child with small change instead of notes.

Is there anything my child shouldn’t bring?
We recommend that children leave electronic equipment, mobile phones and valuable items at home as we are unable to look after them. If they do bring any we cannot be responsible for them. We advise against packing any new clothing for the activities! During activities we ask course participants not to wear jewellery. Please see the kit list for more information (LINK)

What’s the food like?
The food at White Hall consistently gets rave reviews! It is home cooked, nutritious and very tasty.

Breakfast consists of cereals, toast and fruit juice with a cooked option. Lunches are either a sit down buffet style with sandwiches, salads, fruit and cakes or a pack up taken out on activities. Evening meals are served family style in our lovely dining room and consist of a main course and pudding or fruit.

Please see our sample menus for more detail.

Do you lend out any equipment?
Every child is given a set of waterproofs and walking boots for their stay at White Hall which we ask them to look after during their course.  If your child already has their own, they are welcome to bring them, but please don’t go out and buy them especially for their stay.

We have a limited number of wellington boots which we can lend out if your child is unable to bring them. All specialist and safety equipment for the activities is provided as part of the course.

How secure is White Hall?
Our external doors either have door codes on them or they cannot be opened from the outside. All visitors have to report to reception and sign in. We have CCTV security cameras around the property.

Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes. As part of Derbyshire County Council White Hall has public liability insurance. Schools and individuals are advised to take out insurance against personal injury, cancellation, loss or damage and ill health.

Do you have a license for activities?
We are required by law to be inspected and assessed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) on the safety and quality of our provision. Our license number is L10582

All of our instructors hold the appropriate national governing body or local accreditation awards for the activities they are instructing.